Do Without Justin Bieber? No We Cant

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Why we like Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a pop singer who grew to fame at the age of 15. He started music when he was little and he did that by uploading YouTube Videos of himself singing and popular music companies like defjam and others discovered his talent and gave him a chance in the music industry.

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In his first album JB sang a song titled baby and it went platinum and sold about 1million+ which made him get money.

We like Justin Bieber because of his wonderful voice and he has inspired alot of people who wants to make music and be like him.

Justin Bieber is a humble and entitled Person which most people like about him and he is also a Handsome man .Justin is growing fast and recently married Hailey Baldwin currently known now as Hailey Bieber.

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He has recorded 5 albums and the current Album “Changes” was his 5th after 4 years and this album has made waves.

Justin Bieber is a superstar and of course he knows how to sell in the music industry.
Currently he was about to do a Changes tour for his fans but due to the corona virus it got postponed indefinitely.

Apart from that Justin Bieber’s tours are all sold out for the past couple of years making him one of the best sold artist in the world.

He’s a star and will soon become a legend.

With all the people talking bad about Justin Bieber they seem to forget that trying to convince a belieber to stop liking him is stupid, they seem to forget that one of the reasons I love Justin Bieber is because he is always there for me when no one else is.

Whenever I’m down no matter what the problem is listening to his music always makes me smile, especially when my mom died.

And, more recently, trying to argue, say how he’s a bad person and that looking up to him as a role model is a bad thing, for me he’ll always be my first role model, my first celebrity crush.

People can’t call him a bad person, he’s just human, and humans make mistakes, it’s kind of a thing we do a lot.

Now there’s talk that there’s a Petition to deport him back to Canada, if that actually happens, my smile, will be gone, he really is the smile on my face, I’ve loved him since i was ten and i first heard his first song, baby and that’s never going to change, no matter what he does or what happens.

Is Justin Bieber gay?

Definitely not. He is currently married to his Loving wife Hailey.

How do i get Justin Biebers mp3 Songs and Albums to download?

In this era where websites sometimes give out illegal mp3 music downloads and Album zip downloads, it is wise to refrain from Justin Bieber mp3 downloads and Album zip Downloads.

Songs can be gotten on Itunes and Several other legal download Outlets offcourse with a few.

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Alright these are resons why we like Justin Bieber:

• He is Cool and relatively young.
• Jb is considerate and confident
• justin does not discriminate
• Bieber is not gay as people claim.

So there you go what are your favourite Justin Bieber songs?

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