Why Afrobeats Suppress Hip-hop/RnB videos in Youtube Views

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Why Afrobeats Suppress Hip-hop/Rnb videos on YouTube Views

Before you begin to ask yourself or nod in dismay and disappointment, that the topic is supposed to read “Why Afrobeats/ African Music Videos seem to have considerably lesser views in comparison to American Music”.

Like you, this has always been a source of concern to me. Maybe not really to the same extent. I mean Afrobeats(music ) has its unique sound and its Audience(Africa and the World ), just like Hiphop has its own too.

I really don’t know if there should be any basis or reasons for comparing the two Music genre. But one thing is sure. Africa, just like Asia is quite dense populated. And as a matter of fact, Afrobeats Rhythm has continued to gain more relevance world wide.

Someone once said and i quote.

Africa produces Music for Africans and Americans produce music for the World.

Now take a minute or two to Analyse what he said.

In the first instance, he may be right. Come to think of it, how acceptable is the Afrobeats genre outside Africa?.

Although the internet has made Music and Videos sharing more easier without barriers, it remains to be seen that over time the Hip-hop/Rap or Rnb have continued to perform better.

But Why?

Could it be because of the usage of English OR most commonly swear words by the American rap acts?

But then again songs like Despacito by Luis Funsi(over 6 billion views) seems to be against this claim. Among others are Psy’s Opa gagnam Style, Dj snakes Talki Takli, Bad Bunny’s Mia ft Drake.

These songs have over 1billion views and they were not sang in English. Or is Spanish the New English? Hahaha, i doubt.

It will interest you to know that no African Music Artist, dead or Alive has featured or had a song on YouTube with over 300 million views. Senegal/Us singer Akon is an exception to this.

The closest to 300 million views is the song by Magic System- Magic in the Air ft Chawki which boasts of almost 290 million(2020 stats) views- Ivory coast.

A feat they were able to achieve because of the use of the song during the 2014 Fifa World cup. Other countries on the African(music download ) most viewed video’s includes, South Africa and Nigeria.

Head to Head, America is home to just over 300 million people in contrast to Africa where Nigeria alone is home to over 200 million music lovers.

So how does the Very large Video views disparity come into play.

For starters, America is Country and Africa on the other hand is a continent. Is this just an re-enactment of the American Supremacy?


Its is common to find Hiphop/rnb music Lovers in Africa but the reverse is not the case in America.

Going by the population stats, Top Afrobeats Artists are supposed to be up there in terms of popularity on Online music/video streaming sites like Youtube, Deezer, Itunes, Spotify, music download etc.
Here are the reasons why it has failed to happen:

  • Bad Governance.
    Poor internet facilitIES.
    Cost of Data access.

For me, music quality is not a Factor here because it Is supposed to evolve alongside its listeners. Hip-hop for Americans, Afrobeats for Africans.

Only when the Above listed is worked on and improved upon by the African populace can true growth be enabled.

Not to talk of illegal music downloads the African Musicians are faced with because no laws exists in the Land.

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