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Tory Lanez Quarantine radio vs Instagram

Tory lanez quarantine radio
Written by dHipHopMp3

Tory Lanez vs Instagram, who wins this?

Although boredom is the least of our worries at these difficulties times of the New Corona Virus Pandemic, it seems to be the greatest problem at the moment.

No one would have imagined that such a day will come when more than half of the population of the World will be required to stay at home and flatten the curve as they call it.

Well, it is what it is. The Corona Virus is here and we have to put up with it. AS expected, some contries are strongly affected than the others. It all started in a city in China, Wuhan.

While Africa as a continent records slow increase in the number of confirmed corona virus cases, Countries like the United States of America, Italy, Spain among others continue count thousands as regards deaths caused by the deadly virus.

In face of setbacks like Unemployment, hunger, global recession and lots more since the onset of the Pandemic, Boredom seems to be the most pressing issue. I mean, most countries are on complete lockdown.

One is no longer allowed to go shopping, most Jobs are temporarily and in some cases permanently stopped. Schools, universities are closed down, flights are grounded, big sports events are even postponed. The Japan 2020 olympics earlier scheduled to be held in June 2020 has been postponed and so mang other activities.

It is only correct to say that everyone and every sector is affected by this Covid 19 virus. Little  wonder Artists/ musicians in the absence of shows result to  social media sites like Instagram to burn up some more time and keep their fans updated.

American RnB and rap star Tory Lanez has become the man of the moment in this regards, he opens a live instagram feed almost every other day where especially female fans are invited to a twerking competition with a Cash price at the end of the day to the winner.

With the total number of Live viewers ever increasing, his account has been on different occasions limited for resons perceived to be caused by Indecent displays by most ladies. Tory Lanez even resulted to opening a new Instagram account called Quarantine radio and it gained almost 50 thousand folowers in five minutes yes ! You read that right five minutes.

Anyways, the new account has remained in what could be thought as a compromise reached by the Rnb/rap  star and the Ceo of Instagram Mark Zukerberg.

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