These 2009 Songs Will Always Remain

These 2009 songs will always remain

Hmmm, I may not have the best Music sense or be in a position to dictate to anybody, what music they should listen to or what year they should consider the best in terms of quality music released.

As there are many Musicians, Rappers, Singers and music genres so are there different music tastes and reception by the fans or listeners as you like it.

Music didnt start today, it can be traced back to the early years of the primitive Man, well thats if you believe in that version of the Creation theory.

Even Biblically, it was recored that Lucifer otherwise known as Satan was the leader of the choir in heaven. That was obviously before he sinned against God.

This clearly shows that Music began long ago and that God had his music preference, so certainly does his descendants.

That said, if you were old enough by 2009 and were a fan of the Popular Hip-hop, Rnb, Pop genres, you may agree with me that 2009 was the best.

I consider a few musics/ songs produced in this year as ever green songs. Like many say today,” when music was music, when Rap was rap. hahahaha”

So i will not be wasting your time needing your reading my whole jargon Bullshit.

I will just jump into the List of Songs if possible the Hip-hop, RnB, Pop Songs that made the year two thousand and nine 2009 a memorable one.

I promise that you will find this post really insightful. So here we go. In no Particular order:

1.Knock you down: Keri Hilson ft Kanye West, Ne-yo,

2.Sweetest Girl: Wyclef Jean ft Akon, Lil wayne, Niia.

3. 911 : Wyclef Jean ft Mary J Blige

4.Bartender: T-pan ft Akon

5. I’m so paid: Akon ft Lil wayne, Young Jeezy

6.Whatever you Like: T.i

7. Whatcha Say: Jason Derulo.

8. OMG: Usher ft

9.Work it: Missy Elliot

10. Fireflies: Owl city

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11. Beautiful liar: Beyonce, Shakira

12. Rehab: Rihanna ft Justin Timberlake

13. Halo: Beyonce

14. Ayo Technology: 50 cent ft Justin Timberlake

15. Meet me half way: Black eyed peas

16. Love is wicked: Brick and lace

17. Cry me a river: Justin Timberlake

18. Hate that i love you: Rihanna ft Ne-yo

19. Like a Boy: Ciara

20. Hard: Rihanna ft Jeezy

21.Drop the world: Lil wayne ft Eminem

22. Ridin: Chamillionare ft Krayzie Bone

23. I can transfrom ya: Chris Brown

24. Hustlin: Rick Ross

25. Many Men: 50 cent.

26. Rehab; Amy Winehouse

27. Down: Jay Sean ft Lil wayne

So there you go.i know they are much more than this. The list is unending, after listening to these songs, i recommend you check other out other Music vidoes made in 2009.

Which of the songs where not mentioned?  Which are your favourites?

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