Ten(10) Things Cardi B’s visit to Africa Exposed

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Ten(10) Things Cardi B’s visit to Africa Exposed

Not many Africans would have predicted a Cardi B live show, let alone in December when the ticket prices are quite on the high side.

Early on in December last year 2019, it was announced by the American Rapper on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, that She with her affiliation with PepsiAfrica will be on a two three day visit to the African continent.

Offcourse Africa has 54 countries but it was Ghana and the self acclaimed giants of Africa,Nigeria that were the chosen Countries.

Cardi B in Nigeria

Fast forward to the  7th of december 2019 a day before she arrived in Nigeria.

It was a social media frenzy, firstly within Nigerians then between Nigeria and her Far Southern sister country South Africa and then Finally between the African giants and her twin-country Ghana.

Although, i described Ghana as twin Country to Nigeria, it is not really so. Both countries disagree almost about everything. The Nigerian vs Ghana Jellof wars are still on till date.

At first, there was the arguement between the three main ethinc groups in Nigera(Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo)
On which name the Top American Rapper would bear during her visit.

At the end she got hooked up with the name “Chioma B”, a name coined from the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

Photoshop Artists worked tirelessly, trying to get Cardi B into choosing an edited picture in which she wore garments from the three main tribes in Nigeria. Like the one below.

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Her choice? a Yoruba Attire.

(HIT )Omisco ft El bee,AB Swag,Eric Jay- Woman

They coined out Nigerian names for Her Husband, Offset and her little baby girl.

Chioma B(Cardi B ) had a swell time in Nigeria.

She was hosted by top Nigerian/ African act Davido, she visited a few Night clubs and other places, had her show the Next day all successfully planned.

Cardi B in Ghana

She left Nigeria a day after for Ghana but at least not without eating the Nigerian Jollof rice.

During this time there were already altercations on twitter between Nigerian citizens and South Africans who were pained to say the least that the American rap star had not chosen to visit their country.

The American Hiphop Artist arrived Ghana, were she was said to have been awaited by top Ghanaian celebrities for several hours.

The Ghanians tried to outdo the feats or rather host the American Hiphop star better than their West
African counterparts but it just didn’t work as they have planned.

The fight went on social media for days, even after the departure of Cardi B form the Continent.

It was either you find a Nigerian saying that Cardi b felt better welcomed in the country than she was in Ghana or the other way round.

This brings us to the topic of the day. Ten Things that Cardi B’s visit to Africa(Nigeria and Ghana) showed us.

  • Music is Universal.
    Africans like Hiphop.
    Most Americans(Afro) would like to live in Africa.
    There is a large untapped market in Africa.
    Music can unite the world.
    Music is a universal Language.
    America produces music for the world.
    Afrobeats can have its way in America.

Hope you liked it?

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